Building Permits

Building permits are required for new construction and permanent improvements within Prompton Borough.  The first step in the process is completing the Application for Building Permit.

This application may be turned in to the Building Permit Officer, Gus Heberling, at Heberling’s Sports Shop during their normal business hours.  Alternatively, the completed application may be mailed to the borough’s official address, PO Box 13, Prompton, PA 18456.

If the project requires inspections, the permit application will be forwarded to Bob Bates.  Mr. Bates will contact the applicant to arrange for on-site inspections.  The applicant is responsible for all inspection fees.

Most new construction must maintain a minimum 15-foot offset from adjacent properties.

Uniform Construction Code

Prompton Borough has adopted Pennsylvania’s Uniform Construction Code (UCC).  Projects that meet certain minimum requirements must be inspected.  These minimum requirements are outlined in the building permit application linked above. 

Code Enforcement Officer

The UCC inspector for the borough is Bob Bates Inspections.  However, applicants should not contact Mr. Bates directly to request an initial inspection.  The initial permit application request should be turned in to Mr. Heberling or sent to the borough’s official mailing address.

Sewer Enforcement Officer

Prompton Borough does not have a central sewer system.  Residents are responsible for providing their own on-lot septic systems.  The borough’s sewer enforcement officer (SEO) approves these systems.  The process begins with a percolation (“perc”) test.  This test measures what sort of septic system, if any, that a given lot can support.  Property owners interested in new development within the borough should contact the SEO to arrange for the perc test.

The SEO for Prompton Borough is:

Chris Martin
68 Buckingham Rd
Honesdale, PA 18431
(570) 470-9502


Prompton Borough is not zoned.  There are no zoning requirements.  You may use your property as you see fit.

This is apparently a rarity in today’s world.  Your bank may not believe you if you tell them this.  Your developer may hesitate to begin your project.

Over the years we have had multiple requests for proof that Prompton is not a zoned community.  As a result, we have prepared the following letter to serve as proof of Prompton’s un-zoned status: No Zoning Letter

Subdivisions and Mergers

The Wayne County Planning Department must review and approve all subdivisions and mergers.  For more information, visit the Subdivision & Land Development Review Process page on the Planning Department’s website.