DEP Draft Guidance for Onlot Sewage Systems near HQ/EV Waters

As many are already aware, DEP is considering adopting what it refers to as Best Management Practices (BMPs) for approving applications for onlot sewage systems near High Quality/Exceptional Value waters. This policy would affect all of Prompton Borough and most of Wayne County.

The draft guidance is available from the DEP website:

Sewage Facilities Planning Module Review for Onlot Sewage Systems Proposed in High Quality and Exceptional Value Watersheds (PDF)

The guidance is long and very technical in nature. We have provided a handy calculator that allows you to check whether the property you own may still be developed if this policy goes into effect.

We encourage all residents to provide feedback to DEP and Governor Corbett prior to the extended comment period deadline of June 3. Respectful comments may be emailed to

Letters may be sent to the following address:

Thomas Starosta
Bureau of Point and Non-Point Source Management
Division of Planning and Permits
P.O. Box 8774
Harrisburg, PA 17105-8774